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Eva Mendes is bringing some fun to end summer this year

Many people feel that while they are bored, they are more likely to come up with inspiring thoughts.



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She said, “I think everything starts in the home—everything.” In order for kids to grow up feeling like they are enough, Ryan and I are ideally doing the job by simply loving them unconditionally and taking care of the majority of that task for them.

Eva Mendes Wants to Act Again After a Decade-Long Break, But She “Won’t Do Violence” or “Sexuality”

She went on, “The only thing that truly matters to me is that. Any action they take or decision they make after feeling like they are enough will have an impact on every aspect of your life. Particularly interested in how attractive you feel, or anything related.”


Last month, Mendes talked openly about setting a good example for her children in an interview with Forbes.

Eva Mendes reacts to Ryan Gosling’s first character photo from the Barbie movie, “That’s My Ken,” in the related video.

It’s a team effort, Eva Mendes says in a related article No Gender-Specific Roles in Ryan Gosling’s “Raising Children”

I leave that to Ryan because I’m not a great cook, she admitted. I hope it demonstrates to my daughters that there are no required gender-specific roles and that Ryan and I, as well as our children, are partners in this endeavor.


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It’s a team effort every day, she continued, so I believe that if kids see him and I trading off doing particular things that are again not unique to stereotyped gender characteristics, that just develops balance and harmony.