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Eating Out Saved My Eating Disorder Recovery. Cooking Almost Ruined It

One woman describes how eating out and going to restaurants is what helped her in her eating disorder recovery, and how cooking almost foiled it.



back in a booth with a book, sip a little adult soda (or two if you catch my drift), and not think about anything, including food. My mind would be empty, and next thing you know my plate would be too. On top of that, I was completely relaxed and a better person.

There would be times that I’d try to stop eating out (because I’m not made of money) but every single time I’d eat less and less. Making time to cook and clean isn’t the same in my mind as making the time to get cute, go to a small mom and pop bar, and get some tacos or nachos.

Let’s pretend for a moment that instead all those times I stayed in and didn’t go out to eat. I would have 100 percent relapsed in my eating disorder recovery. I almost did. There were times that my weight started fluctuating again which would scare me because of all the progress I made. Then in those moments I’d do what I would. Eating out, and social eating on top of that, is what helped not just propel my eating disorder recovery, but also save it.

I think that something we need to remember when it comes to eating disorder recovery is that no one’s path is the same. Everyone’s path is extremely different, and what works for some may not for others. I know this is a financially privileged story (as much as it can be for someone currently counting down until their next paycheck), but it’s a personal sacrifice I make on behalf of my health. If I didn’t, the only other option would be restrictive eating patterns, even if unintentional, and that’s a slippery slope.


Do what works for you. You have to. Yes, listen to professionals as they’re there to support you, but also if you have an untraditional or unconventional means of continuing on your recovery journey and it’s safe, why not do it?

Eating out isn’t my “guilty pleasure.” It’s actually my life saver.