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East Central ISD is hosting a hiring fair, offering incentives

East Central ISD is having a career hiring event for teaching and instructional aides, bus drivers, custodians and more. The event takes place on July 19 starting at 9am to 11am where staff can take



The East Central ISD school system is holding a career fair for teachers, aides, bus drivers, custodians, nutritionists, and more.

The hiring process will begin at 9 a.m. on July 19 and last until 11 a.m.

The Board of Trustees voted to give ECISD employees a variety of perks. Pay rises of at least $15 an hour for all full-time employees are among them.

Each semester, instructional paras will be rewarded with a $500 attendance bonus. Incentives of up to $300 each quarter are available to child nutritionists, transportation, maintenance, and housekeeping staff members.


As part of the new compensation plan, bus drivers and monitors will each receive an additional $12 per day for a full route. They also plan to raise the midpoint raise for paras, auxiliary, and tech personnel by five percent. A 4% midpoint rise will be given to exempt employees in those pay bands.

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