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Dying Light 2 datamine uncovers video and audio of presumed story DLC

It looks like Aiden has a career as a gladiator ahead of him.



More than 10 minutes of previously unseen content from Dying Light 2: Stay Human has been uploaded to YouTube by a user named Bub. Despite the fact that we don’t know exactly what this content is, it appears to be a large DLC pack. Aside from rough cutscenes and placeholder dialogue, the video provides an overview of the game’s scope and gameplay in the form of game environments, storyboards, and other assets.

An enormous 200m – 130m building with at least three storeys, a basement, and almost certainly a rooftop is the setting for the content in the Astrid Opera House. Using the opera house as a gladiatorial arena, hopefuls compete in battle royale matches for trophies and recognition. Rather than being a mere add-on arena mode, Astrid, the arena boss, two veteran gladiators (one loyal to Astrid and the other her enemy), and a younger gladiator who will play the role of the player’s buddy NPC make up the bulk of this story, which includes at least 2,000 dialogue lines.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s Dead Island easter egg can be found here:

There will also be two endings, presumably depending on which of the veteran gladiators you help or hinder, arena challenges in both combat and parkour, and shields will be introduced for the first time in the series. It’s not all going to be human gladiators slugging it out. The opera house’s basement is a breeding ground for infectious organisms because it is damp, dark, and small. Similarly, the new “Prison” location, which is only shown for a brief period of time, but is described as a “infected warehouse” in a line of dialogue.


The first paid, story-based content for Dying Light 2 DLC, which was originally scheduled for June, but has since been delayed until September, is likely to be this opera house arena.