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Dragic: The Nets focused on the players who made an impact

He is happy to be drafted by the Chicago Bulls.



some stars, including Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and I have to say that it was quite challenging because the emphasis was more on the individual performances of the players than the team performance.

“Last season, after going four months without playing, I arrived in Brooklyn and had to play 30 minutes right away, which was challenging. Although the season wasn’t particularly successful, the most important thing is that it is now in the past and we can only look ahead.

Durant reportedly asked the Nets for a trade shortly after the end of the season, which was marked by a first-round sweep at the hands of the Celtics. Although there have been trade rumors surrounding Kyrie Irving, who chose to enter the final year of his contract with Brooklyn, the organization doesn’t currently appear close to trading either player, per sources.

Dragi is content to be a member of the Bulls and is expected to play a sizable part for the group, who placed sixth in the Eastern Conference last season.


“We are aware of the great heritage of the Chicago Bulls, so it will be a privilege to don the uniform, and hopefully we have a successful season ahead of us. I was pleasantly surprised by their achievements last season for the majority of the campaign, particularly during the regular season, but they later experienced additional injury issues, according to Dragi.

I’ll be playing 20 to 25 minutes every game as the second playmaker for Chicago, so my job will be quite significant. I’m most content that I can still play at a high level because of that. I feel wonderful for my 36 years, and I’ll do my best to stay as long as I can. I plan to play in the league for two more seasons, but we’ll see how things develop.

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