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Does anyone care about the Jan. 6 hearings? Pollsters frustratingly avoid asking

For some time, I have believed that the Jan. 6 hearings are irrelevant — that is, totally divorced from the reality of today’s political situation.



I’ve held for a while that the hearings from January 6 are completely unrelated to the reality of the current political climate.

If I’m correct, please let me know. Why won’t someone just ask the question outright, then?

Unfortunately, the issue about voters’ priorities was studiously avoided in the most recent New York Times/Siena College poll.

Respondents were not particularly given the opportunity to comment on what cable news is attempting to depict as the worst catastrophe in American history when asked, “What do you think is the MOST significant problem facing the country today?” Naturally, I’m referring to the Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021.


Instead, “the state of democracy/political division” was recommended as the best course of action. Sadly, anything may be meant by that. Even still, only 11% of respondents thought this was the most crucial query.

“Trump/Republicans” was another response for the top issue facing America, which I view as a significant threat to democracy posed by Republican and Trumpist fascism. That was the response from the pitiful 2 percent of voters. There is a 0% chance of error with it.

Furthermore, 0% of respondents indicated that “domestic terrorism” was the biggest issue. Other than those three responses, I am unable to think of any additional that would include January 6.

Are there any surveys out there that demonstrate that anyone outside the Beltway can recall Cassidy’s last name, which is Richardson, correct? No, hold on, that’s Hutchinson! I’m done now.


Of course, I’d be quite curious to see this question posed directly: Is the riot from January 6 your top concern? Is it even a crucial matter? Are you aware of what it all means? Maybe someone will ask this soon. However, I believe that the solution, if we ever find it, would humiliate many conceited Beltway journalists who have spent the past few weeks covering nothing else.

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Author at first: David Freddoso

Where: Does anyone care about the hearings on January 6? Infuriatingly, pollsters refrain from asking