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Cowboys, two other teams potential spots for coach’s return, report says

What will Sean Payton be doing next? NFL journalists reveal what is expected of the Dallas Cowboys offense, and report that other teams might be interested.



Master plan to backup strategy?

While some expected Sean Payton to look for other coaching positions, both available and not, he decided to stay away from the sidelines this season, which came as somewhat of a surprise.

While Payton was a key component in the Dolphins’ unrealistic grand plan to replace Brian Flores, a recent report suggests that Payton may still have his sights set on South Beach in the upcoming season.

According to a recent rumor, Payton has his eye on three prospective job opportunities for the upcoming season: Payton has previously been connected to two occupations, one of which is both unexpected and not.


Payton’s return to the NFL is still a possibility, but it’s more likely that he won’t be there until the 2023 season, which is in line with recent statements Payton has made. What’s new with Payton’s conceivable comeback?

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What will Sean Payton do next?

In the near future, Payton will still be available on Sundays, just not on the sidelines.


In the 2018 season, Payton will join Fox as a part of the network’s Sunday studio programming, standing in for Jimmy Johnson on his off days.

Payton apparently had his eye on a job in the broadcast booth at first, but it never became available. He was apparently in discussions to join Amazon for an unspecified position, but the company already had Kirk Herbstreit and Al Michaels on staff for the booth.

Payton has frequently stated his intention to resume coaching in the future. The only questions are when and where.

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Where will Sean Payton next serve as a coach?

Payton’s future as a head coach appears relatively certain. Where exactly that might be is unknown.

The Dolphins, Cowboys, and Chargers are three teams that Payton might choose to join if openings arise, according to The Miami Herald. One of the more intriguing teams discussed frequently this summer has been the Dolphins: According to several stories, Payton and quarterback Tom Brady were paired as part of Miami’s overall strategy. Obviously, that didn’t happen. Since Mike McDaniel, a former assistant with the San Francisco 49ers, was hired by Miami, things would have to go very wrong for the Dolphins to leave after a season. Even before the organization signed Mike McCarthy as its new head coach, the Cowboys were frequently mentioned as a possible destination for Payton. Payton, a former assistant coach in Dallas, is rumored to be Jerry Jones’ favorite player. Some believe that McCarthy’s position as head coach of the win-now squad is at best precarious given the criticism his game management has received in his two seasons at the helm. With Brandon Staley in charge, the Chargers are entering Year 2, although the coach had an erratic first campaign that resulted in Los Angeles missing the playoffs. After only two seasons, it seems doubtful that LA will break ways with Staley, but if Payton is the bright spot, then perhaps that would encourage LA to make a move.

Returning to the Saints now that Dennis Allen is the new head coach in New Orleans also appears doubtful.