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Conor McGregor May Have Lost A Foot At UFC 264, But Thanks To His PPV Bonus… He Gained A Fortune

UFC 264 was a good news/bad news event for Conor McGregor. Is that terrible news? His foot was lost. the positive news He can definitely afford the hospital bill.



Guaranteed Money

So as you can understand, there was a lot of hype for the third installment. It was time to finally make things right.

Conor earned a basic pay of $5 million, which was more than three times Dustin’s $1.5 million guarantee because, although coming off a loss, he is still a star on another planet.

A Gruesome Ending

As you may have heard, the battle on Saturday came to a very gory and dismal conclusion. Conor took a step back toward the end of the first round, and one of his foot practically broke off at the ankle. Conor asserted that the incident was the result of his own violent stepping. Dustin claimed the foot fractured on an earlier kick landed by McGregor, a claim Conor vehemently denied before alleging that Dustin’s wife has been slipping into his DMs.

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Pay Per View

If this is Conor’s final fight as a professional, he’s leaving with a bang and plenty of cash.

Early figures indicate that at least 1.8 million individuals purchased the Pay Per View of UFC 264.

As a result, Dustin Poirier received a $3.6 million incentive on top of his $5.1 million in profits.

Conor McGregor’s PPV bonus will probably be in the $18 million level due to his far greater star power, bringing his overall earnings to…

$23 million

Even Conor’s continued battling on Saturday baffles me. Even $23 million is not enough for him. Conor has made at least $150 million in the last six months, the most of which came from the $600 million sale of the beverage firm Proper 12 that he and a few partners made in April.

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