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Comedian Tracy Morgan ‘enlightens’ fans at San Antonio’s Tobin Center

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan doesn’t think he’s ever performed a stand-up show in San Antonio before, but he wouldn’t be the best person to ask. For him, the cities he visits are far less important than the audience he’s entertaining. “It’s the people who are special, not the place,” Morgan, 53, told MySA during an interview earlier this week. “Are people [in San Antonio] walking around sad? Are people ready to laugh? Wherever there’s…



Even though he might not be the best person to ask, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan doesn’t recall ever having done a stand-up show in San Antonio. The cities he visits are secondary to the people he performs for.

Morgan, 53, said in an interview with MySA earlier this week, “It’s the people who are remarkable, not the venue.” Are folks just kind of moping around [here in San Antonio]? Is it time to have some fun? I’ll be at the scene of the joke wherever it’s being told. I count myself among them. That’s cool with me.

On July 21 at 7:30 p.m., Morgan will perform at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts. The Emmy-nominated actor recognizes that his tour’s name, “No Disrespect,” seems like a preface to a rude statement.

As he prepared to take the platform, he stated, “I’m going to say a lot of stuff, but I don’t intend no disrespect.” “I don’t care as long as it’s the truth. It’s more important to me to educate people than to make them laugh.


That doesn’t mean Morgan won’t bring his trademark brand of humor to shows like SNL, 30 Rock, and the recently-cancelled The Last O.G. (which aired for four seasons before being canceled in December). He claimed that his life experiences had led him to this point in his career and prompted him to create the songs he is currently performing.

Morgan claimed, “I’ve experienced life, studied life, and been through experiences.” I have some points to make. Tours are always different. I’m not experiencing anything like what I did throughout the filming of [my 2017 stand-up special].

In his most recent episode, titled “Staying Alive,” Morgan discussed the catastrophic car accident he had been in three years previously in New Jersey and how it had altered his life. Morgan suffered several fractures and a serious brain injury in a multi-vehicle accident brought on by a truck driver who dozed off at the wheel.

Morgan claims that eight years after the accident, he is enjoying stand-up comedy more than ever before because he “knows what he’s doing” and is more “seasoned.” He makes an analogy that fits the bill well.


I’m guessing that the first time you had sex, you had no idea what you were doing. This is what Morgan remarked. You didn’t know which one to use, did you? There are many various kinds of positions you’re assuming now. There you have it!

Morgan is currently making an effort to enjoy life to the fullest by going on a comedy tour and working on film and television projects. In a recent viral video, he can be seen at an Omaha airport belting out “With Or Without You” by U2. It’s a great illustration of how Morgan lives in the now.

The majority of airport passengers are “tense,” Morgan observed. As a result, I decided to brighten their day by making them laugh.