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College student in Kenosha Kingfish mascot outfit who was rocked by AJ Dillon recounts moment of doom

A UW-Milwaukee distance runner in a mascot outfit became instantly viral over the weekend thanks to a bone-crushing hit by Packers’ AJ Dillon.



Trey Meier, a 20-year-old University of Wisconsin Milwaukee cross country runner, can now feel the pain that NFL defensive backs experience on a daily basis. At the very least, they can anticipate AJ Dillon’s arrival.

“Elvis” the Kenosha Kingfish mascot was Meier’s costume for Saturday’s celebrity softball game against Packers running back Dillon.

This costume is making Meier unable to see or move freely.

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When it happened so quickly, my only thought was, ‘I hope he kind of gently pushes me over or something like that.’”

This image is still fresh in my mind. Because I can’t see clearly, I only see AJ Dillon barreling toward me out of the corner of my eye.

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Simply put, the “Oklahoma Drill” asks the players to go after each other. Meier came up short.


When his mascot head flew off in the process, he scrambled to get it back so he could maintain his mascot anonymity.

It was a hard hit, and it knocked me for a loop, but I was able to get back up and keep playing.” “There’s a reason he’s known as ‘Quadzilla.’”

His second year working for the Kingfish, an amateur baseball team in the Northwoods League that uses wooden bats and features college players on its roster, finds Meier fresh out of Kenosha Indian Trail High School.

Dillon apologized for the severity of the hit and took a picture with Meier afterward, but he insists he’s fine in the aftermath.


Meier says he had no idea he was going to compete in the one-on-one drill with Packers quarterback Jordan Love until he was told about it at the stadium. Meier says he wasn’t thinking too much about the matchup during the night. From zip-lining to meeting with fans, Elvis’ schedule is jam-packed.

The first thing he said was, “I didn’t think much of it; we do promotions and events like that all the time.” In the past, I’ve been tackled on the field for entertainment purposes. But I won’t say that I was tackled that hard.

According to Meier, if his head hadn’t fallen off, the video would have never gone viral. He thought the strap that held his head in place was a little too loose.

Kingfish’s employees were in the office when Bleacher Report re-disseminated the video. They figured it would quickly become a national issue and they were right.


“It’s insane,” he said, “because I went to the gym on Monday and when I got back there were four or five texts from different media outlets.”

As a Packers fan, Meier has occasionally handled the Kingfish’s marketing but has spent most of his time working as Elvis. The summer before last, he looked for a summer job and found one at Simmons Field, which was only five minutes away from his home.

In addition to the great baseball, the Northwoods League offers great entertainment, according to him. The zip line, the kids’ zone, the food, and the ambiance were all fantastic. ” It’s a general feeling. Our weekend games draw a large crowd.”

A foot injury sidelined Meier from competing at UWM last year, but he expects to be back this fall. Meier has qualified for the WIAA state CC meet three times and the state track and field meet three times.


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According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, this article first appeared as follows: AJ Dillon performed for a college student dressed as the Kenosha Kingfish mascot, and the student recalls the terrifying moment.