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Chris Noth Loses $12 Million Tequila Brand Deal Over Sexual Assault Allegations



Three women have come forth with allegations of sexual assault against actor Chris Noth (all of which he has vehemently denied), and among the repercussions is the shuttering of an in-the-works deal between his tequila brand Ambhar and Entertainment Arts Research, Inc, according to a statement from the latter company. The transaction was to cost $12 million.

The declaration, which was made prior to the third claimed victim coming forward, is frank about why the arrangement was abandoned:

“Following the recent allegations that have surfaced against the actor, Entertainment Arts Research, Inc. (EARI) today stated that they have ended final talks of a contract to acquire Chris Noth’s Ambhar Tequila. According to a recent article by The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Noth has been accused of misbehavior by two different women more than ten years apart. EARI has been in negotiations for several months about buying Ambhar in a $12 million deal, but the company has decided to end all further conversations about the acquisition.”

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Image by Jason Merritt for Getty

While praising EARI’s “social duty,” which includes its support for white rhino conservation through its White Rhino Vodka brand, the statement also seemed to concede that the earlier partnership with Noth no longer made good commercial sense:


“While Ambhar Tequila was an attractive acquisition target for us, at this point in time it doesn’t make sense for us to move forward with this deal in light of the claims, which must be taken with the utmost seriousness, said Bernard Rubin, CEO of EARI. Having said that, we are still searching for spirit companies that align with EARI’s social responsibility ethos.”

There have been other repercussions for Noth as a result of the claims in addition to losing the tequila agreement. He has also been dropped from his role on the CBS series “The Equalizer,” per a statement from the show’s production companies.

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