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Catching up with The B-52s

Keith Strickland, Kate Pierson and Fred Schneider, along with brother and sister Ricky and Cindy Wilson, were friends in Athens, Ga. Their hobby – playing music together – exploded into a career as the band The B-52s. Since the late 1970s, the group has inspired such musicians as Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl. But the death of Ricky Wilson almost ended the band for good. Ahead of their farewell tour, the surviving members catch up with correspondent Kelefa Sanneh.



Overtaking The B-52s in terms of popularity

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Ricky and Cindy Wilson and their brothers and sisters Keith Strickland, Kate Pierson, and Fred Schneider were all close friends in Athens, Georgia. When they decided to turn their side project, jamming on music, into a career, they formed the band The B-52s. Musicians like Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl have been inspired by the band since the late 1970s. It was all but over for the band after Ricky Wilson passed away. The remaining members of the band sit down with correspondent Kelefa Sanneh ahead of their farewell tour.