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Car: Toyota Tacoma

Production is allegedly slated to begin in December 2023.



Production is expected to begin in December 2023, according to rumours on the ground.

The images show a smaller version of the Tundra’s new design language being applied to a smaller-sized truck. In addition to sweeping-back headlights, angular faces, and boxy fender flares, the new Tacoma will be outfitted with black trim. Much of the design work will be done by the sheet metal, which will feature sharp, angular creases throughout the body and a protruding hood up front.

An all-electric truck that resembles Toyota’s electric truck concept unveiled in December 2011 will be available, as will a gasoline, a hybrid, and an all-electric powertrain, according to reports. Toyota says it will use closed-off grilles and other distinctive front-end styling elements to set the electric vehicle apart from its ICE/hybrid counterparts when it comes to developing a vehicle that can be mass-produced.

Previously, there have been rumors that Toyota’s new TNGA-F platform will underpin the upcoming Tacoma. A lot of the specifics of the vehicle’s powertrain remain a mystery. The 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine and the 3.5-liter V6 are Toyota’s current engine options for the Tacoma.


Spy Shots: Tacoma

The interior hasn’t been shown in the renderings, but it was seen in a previous spy video. There was a large infotainment screen visible on the new Tacoma, according to the teaser image. The interior of the new truck should be significantly better than the current truck’s, and it may be more in line with the Tundra than the current truck.

We don’t expect Toyota to release a new Tacoma until the 2024 model year, as the company has just updated the truck’s styling for the upcoming year.

Toyota had planned to begin production of the 2024 Tacoma in August 2023, but had to delay it until December 2023, according to a forum post. As a result, the new truck won’t be available for purchase until sometime in early 2024. Gasoline and hybrid models are likely to arrive in the United States first, followed by an electric version a year later.