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California spent $500M on DEI initiatives, including $50K on ‘racial equity’ fish dept trainings: Nonprofit

The Center for Organizational Research and Education (CORE) estimates that California has spent northward of $1 billion on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.



FIRST ON FOX: According to a conservative foundation, California has spent more than $500 million on diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) projects. This figure includes spending close to $50,000 on “racial equity” trainings for the state Fish and Wildlife Department.

In a recent analysis on California’s crucial race theory-based spending, the consumer protection group Center for Organizational Research and Education (CORE) referred to DEI programs as the “next billion-dollar business” in the Golden State.

According to CORE chief researcher Will Coggin, “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is growing into California’s newest billion-dollar industry—on taxpayer money” on Monday. From kindergarten classes to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, it may be found everywhere.

In leaked meeting notes, the California Equity Director criticizes the parents for being “resisters” to the district’s agenda.


“California leaders have opted to line the coffers of well-connected diversity consultants instead of successfully addressing issues like housing, crime, or homelessness,” he stated.

According to the latest research, which Fox News Digital got exclusively, California “public institutions grabbed the chance to enlarge their budgets and impose ultraprogressive policies frequently without public awareness.”

The paper states that “this research summarizes the findings of approximately 400 California Public Records Act requests made to state and municipal governments, as well as to institutions of higher education and K–12 school systems.” The findings are clear: at all levels of Californian government, a sizable and expanding portion of public money is spent on activities framed by critical race theory and DEI.

According to data obtained by CORE, who received responses to over half of their Sunshine Act questions, California has “invested nearly half a billion dollars on DEI projects alone,” with “a majority of responses encompassing FY2020 through FY2022.”


According to the study, “This report gives careful estimates of DEI-relevant expenses and accounts for the percentage of unresolved requests for documents.” According to the data, Golden State spending on so-called “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” is easily worth $1 billion.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife paid “$49,500 in contracts for ‘racial equity’ trainings and workshops for employees,” according to the report. Another example is the California High Speed Rail Authority, which spent “nearly $29,000 in consultants budgeted in FY2021-22 as part of its effort to form a Diversity Task Force.”

In FY2020–2021, the California Department of Conservation spent close to $180,000 on DEI programs, which “included close to $88,000 in training from contractors with strong connections inside the state of California centered on critical race theory and racial equity themes.”

Additionally, the Department of Conservation paid $9,000 for copies of “How to Be an Antiracist,” a classic work in critical race theory, to be distributed to employees, including “Supervising” and “Senior” oil and gas engineers in the Geologic Energy Management division, with one email marked as “high priority.”


This was a portion of the Office of Workplace Equality’s $854,000 budget for the Department in FY2020-21, which increased to almost $906,000 the following year, according to CORE. A full-time “DEI staff person” who worked within this budget made $163,639 in salary and benefits in FY2020-21 and $171,747 in FY2122-13. Over the course of the two years, the Department also held numerous anti-racism training sessions, costing $53,000 in total.

The survey also discovered that Golden State cities and counties spent a combined total of “almost $90 million at the municipal level, and 110 million at the county level” on DEI programs.

The Golden State is not just being influenced by DEI projects and programs in government entities. Schools are participating as well, and staff members are criticizing parents who disagree with the woke mindset.

According to meeting summary notes obtained by Fox News Digital, the Poway Unified School District’s California director for diversity and inclusion referred to the parents who oppose her agenda as “resisters.”


JEDI, which stands for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, organized the meeting. Casey Doan, the group’s chair, claims that the Palomar Council PTA in the Poway Unified School District is responsible for organizing it. Additionally, they assert to collaborate directly with the district on the group’s website.

Dr. Shawntanet Jara, the district’s equity director, was questioned about her plan during a meeting on September 13, 2021. What strategy will you employ in the event that parents object?

According to the meeting’s minutes, Dr. Jara added, “Push back is nothing new. Although few, it’s noisy. Examine the organization. Theory of Change: 20% of people object, 20% wish you had started five years earlier, and 60% are indifferent. I concentrated on the people who were prepared to move. There is a cost associated with that. But whatever. I need to know that what I did was for children in order to get some sleep at night. My objective is not to influence their opinions. I’m willing to explain that to recalcitrant people since I’m clear on it. not required to be a debate. It is merely factual. Even if we disagree, we can get along.

The office of California Governor Gavin Newsom did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.


Hannah Grossman provided reporting for Fox News Digital.