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Billionaire Roundup: Is It Spring Yet?

Have you spent enough time shoveling snow this historic winter storm that affected most of the United States? Our favorite millionaires are too busy to bother with the snow shoveling. The lives of our favorite millionaires are routine.



Billionaire Mark Cuban starts a media firestorm by refusing to play the national anthem before a Mavericks game. Mark Cuban found himself in some hot water recently after he stopped playing the national anthem before Dallas Mavericks games because he and the team believe The Star-Spangled Banner does not represent all communities. Unfortunately, it is NBA league policy to play the song before to every game, which is bad news for Cuban and the Mavs. Cuban stated categorically that he will adhere to league rules. After all, he had already made his point. Before it was realized that Cuban wasn’t playing the national anthem, he went through 13 games. He kept his decision a secret, and naturally, Covid-19 rules prevented fans from attending games. Additionally, NBA commissioner Adam Silver temporarily relaxed the rules about the national anthems during the country-wide Black Lives Matter protests after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police on May 25.

Bernard Arnault Plans To Launch A SPAC IPO To Increase His Net Worth The investor and celebrity group developing SPACs, or special-purpose acquisition companies, now includes Bernard Arnault. SPACs are essentially “blank check” businesses that exist just to go public through an IPO and raise capital. SPACs seek out companies to merge with in order to take them public along the route. Together with the former CEO of the Italian financial services firm UniCredit, Arnault is creating his SPAC. According to reports, Arnault’s SPAC will concentrate on cutting-edge European financial institutions. In the past year, more than 140 SPACs have gone public in the United States. Over $45 billion has been raised through the SPAC IPOs as a whole. Pegasus Europe will be the name of Arnault’s SPAC, which will float on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

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To be clear, Salma Hayek did not marry Francois Henri Pinault for his wealth.
Recently, Salma Hayek and her wealthy husband celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary, but she continues to draw criticism from naysayers. She allegedly wed Francois Henri Pinault because of his enormous wealth, according to persistent rumors. In 2009, on February 14th, they were wed. Valentina, their 13-year-old daughter, resides with them. On Dax Shepherd’s podcast, he admitted that before he met Pinault, he also wondered if she married him for the money. But when he eventually met Pinault, he could not help but be drawn to the wealthy Frenchman. Hayek concurred and said that many people assume she is doing it for the money when they don’t know her husband. She uttered: “You are aware that it is impossible to fully appreciate a person’s enchantment from a photograph. He has helped me grow in such a positive, healthy way and become a much better person. And, as you probably recall, when I wed him, everyone thought, “Oh, that was an arranged marriage; she wed him for the money.” Yeah, whatever, bitch, I say. Consider this: We have been together for 15 years, and our love is still strong.”

Vlad Tenev, CEO of Robinhood, is hiding out in a hotel to avoid death threats. At the center of the GameStop Reddit controversy was Robinhood. Since Robinhood restricted trading in GameStop shares on January 28 in response to a 2000% rise led by users of Reddit’s Wall Street Bets forum, the company’s CEO, Vlad Tenev, has been receiving death threats at his house and is presently residing in a hotel. Tenev was charged with interfering with free market transactions. He began to get death threats, so he has avoided returning home. Dog excrement were apparently thrown at the Robinhood headquarters in Menlo Park, California by protesters. Tenev is scheduled to testify before Congress over his company’s choice to limit trading. At first, Robinhood said that it was doing this to keep its users informed by preventing trades and purchases of GameStop stock. Later, the corporation explained that the restrictions on trading were caused by the SEC’s mandated deposit requirements. Representatives and business leaders of note criticized Robinhood’s choice. “Unacceptable” is how Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez described the choice. If the app ceased trading “because they are losing their a@# on these deals,” Mark Cuban questioned.