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Beastcoast and Febby release statements after K1 uses a racial slur

The situation seems like it is contained.



Beastcoast’s Héctor “K1” Rodrguez used a racial slur against Kim “Febby,” Yong-min, during a Dota 2 pub game, which is common in the competitive community.

After clips of Febby’s stream were posted on Reddit forums, this incident came to light during a pub game on July 11.

As far as Febby was concerned, he didn’t give much thought to the word’s use at the time and simply chalked it up to the toxicity of Dota. According to him, K1 privately apologized to him and said he meant it. It was added, however, that his hope is that this will serve as a learning experience for everyone involved and that the toxicity will be toned down in the future.

“I’d like to use this opportunity to urge everyone in Dota to be more considerate of their teammates. There are only five enemies on the other team, so you don’t need to make any more of them.


“I’ve been playing more VALORANT than Dota lately because of the community. I wish I could just fucking punch all the people in Dota because they talk like that.

Key members of the Dota community, including David “GoDz” Parker, spoke out about the issue before Febby’s statement and requested that either beastcoast or Valve take some form of disciplinary action as players competing in the Dota Pro Circuit have specific guidelines they must follow in both pro and pub matches.

Beastcoast eventually issued a statement stating that the organization is aware of the incident and is taking it very seriously.

That K1 used a racist term against Febby on July 11 was “deeply disappointing,” beastcoast said. Derogatory language of any kind will not be tolerated on the Beastcoast. We are taking the appropriate disciplinary measures and are committed to ensuring that our players receive ongoing education. As we strive to build a more diverse and inclusive esports industry, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard of accountability.


K1 has not been disciplined, but the team’s plans for the DPC Summer Tour and a possible run at the Arlington Major are unlikely to be affected unless Valve intervenes.