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Baltimore police officer accused of drug and gun-trafficking, with a motorcycle club

Officer Steven Angelini is facing felony charges of drug and gun possession while being a member of a biker gang.



Numerous federal charges are being brought against a Baltimore Police Department (BPD) officer for allegedly trafficking drugs and weapons with a nearby motorcycle club.

According to a news release from the Department of Justice (DOJ), Steven Umberto Angelini was detained on suspicion of conspiring to distribute cocaine and oxycodone in the city on Wednesday.

The Administrative Duties Division of the department was where Angelini, 41, worked before his arrest and subsequent suspension without pay.

According to the affidavit, Angelini, a police officer who has worked there since 2006, started giving out the drugs to the president of the Maryland branch of the Infamous Ryders Motorcycle Club and other club members in January. According to the affidavit, Angelini texted the chapter president and offered to sell him drugs.


When Angelini informed the chapter president, referred to in the statement as “Co-Conspirator 1,” that one of the gang’s drug dealers had just been killed, the president agreed to give the officer $100 and cocaine in return for oxycodone.

According to court records, Angelini repeatedly provided Co-Conspirator 1 information regarding the supplier’s homicide investigation during the conservation before accepting the terms.

The club president received thorough information regarding the homicide investigation from Angelini in the days that followed. They didn’t speak once more until the officer made an offer to give him a ghost pistol and hollow point ammunition in exchange for money and narcotics in April.

Later that month, they made plans to meet at a nearby gun store for the swap before the officer added the purchase of guns accessories to the discussion.


They came to another agreement over the phone wherein Angelini would provide the unnamed man with oxycodone in exchange for money and cocaine.

If Angelini is found guilty of all charges, she might spend the rest of her life in prison. Thursday is the date of his next court appearance.

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