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Babysitters Tortured Boys by Burning, Stabbing Under Their Watch: Police

Authorities said that the two children had been in the care of three suspects for “approximately the last four weeks.”



According to police, three babysitters allegedly burned, beat, and stabbed two boys in Salt Lake City, Utah, as punishment for their misbehavior.

According to a statement from the Salt Lake City Police Department, officers detained and charged Kerri Pavlica, 52, Randee Coon, 31, and Laurie Hackett, 32, on Wednesday with 19 charges of aggravated child abuse each.

Authorities learned on Tuesday that two boys, aged 6 and 17, were being taken to the hospital with “severe” wounds.

Hackett, Coon, and Pavlica had been caring for the two youngsters for roughly the previous four weeks, cops and investigators discovered during the course of the inquiry, according to the police. “At that time, Hackett, Coon, and Pavlica all took part in the assaults and abuse of the victims or were aware of it.”


The reason for the occurrence or the circumstances that preceded the abuse were not made public. The three suspects are reportedly acquainted with the family, according to the police, who are currently looking into the case.

When the mother picked up her sons and met the police officers at Primary Children’s Hospital, where she gave them a preliminary assessment on her sons’ medical status, she noticed her sons’ bruises, according to local TV station KSL.

The Salt Lake City Police Department announced on Thursday that “doctors are continuing to evaluate the two victims,” adding that the boys’ injuries are “severe and will require further care from medical specialists.” The police department did not specify the type or extent of the injuries.

But according to a police booking document cited by KSL, the unnamed males had injuries from claimed beatings, stabbings, and burnings “The 17-year-old victim had a swollen scalp, many facial bruises, black eyes, back bruising, two puncture wounds, shattered vertebrae, and broken ribs. The 6-year-old victim had swelling on his scalp, a burn on his face, lacerations on his kidney and liver, swelling around his pancreas, a lower sternum fracture that was healing, broken vertebrae, injured ribs, swelling around the ribs, and other injuries “The suspects were discovered in a van, and they had discussed running away, according to the police booking affidavit.


According to Fox 13 Now, the teen kid claimed to have been beaten with a pipe, hit in the crotch, and stabbed with a knife by Hackett, Coon, and Pavlica while they had him held down.

According to the affidavit, Coon is accused of hitting the boys during the four weeks and suffocated one of them. He acknowledged being aware that “the tip of a torch lighter was used to burn one of the victims” and “that victims were punished with scissors if they couldn’t maintain a push-up stance.”

Hackett also “acknowledged touching the victim’s face with the torch but stated it was accidental,” according to the report. One of the suspects also observed another tying one of the youngsters’ wrists with a rope.

“The claims of abuse and harm in this case are heartbreaking and upsetting. Our patrol officers, detectives, and Special Victims Unit worked rapidly to recognize, track down, and apprehend these suspects, and I am really pleased of them.” Mike Brown, the police chief, tweeted on Thursday.


In Utah, there is a maximum 15-year prison sentence and a maximum $19,000 fine for child abuse.

The Salt Lake City Police Department was contacted by Newsweek for comments and additional information.

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