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Authorities Investigate Arson, Vandalism at 3 Bethesda Churches Over the Weekend

Authorities are investigating arson and vandalism at three Bethesda, Maryland, churches that occurred over the weekend. The initial investigation showed that the suspect forced entry into two of the churches before vandalizing in various areas, police said.



Authorities are looking into weekend arson and vandalism at three churches in Bethesda, Maryland. According to police, the first investigation revealed that the suspect broke into two of the churches by force before committing different acts of vandalism.

According to the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services (MCFRS), the first incident occurred at North Bethesda Methodist Church at roughly 1:30 on Saturday morning, resulting in about $1,000 in damages.

“When they first arrived, they mostly engaged in what I would describe as mischief, such as throwing things on the ground and other such activities. attempts were made to set fires, “explained Pastor Joye Jones.

On Saturday morning, investigators also discovered splintered wood pieces and damaged grave markers at the nearby Wildwood Baptist Church. North Bethesda Methodist Church is three minutes’ walk from Wildwood Baptist.


ICYMI (7/9) 10:30a Saturday morning, North Bethesda United Methodist Church, 10100 Old Georgetown Road, arson & associated vandalism, damage $1K, in addition Investigators discovered splintered wood and damaged headstones all across the 10200 block of Old Georgetwn Road in the Wildwood Baptist Church photograph. Pete Piringer, @mcfrsPIO July 10, 2022

Around two in the morning on Sunday, someone defaced the St. Jane Frances De Chantal Parish. According to the fire brigade, several pews in the main church area were set on fire. An estimate of the damages is $50,000.

According to its Facebook page, St. Jane Frances De Chantal Parish is a Catholic church with “a community of 1900 families, whose mission is to allow its members.” On the church campus, mass was relocated to Christopher Hall on Sunday morning.

UPDATE OF IMPORTANCE – Media Hotline: Church Arson(s) @MontgomeryCoMD @mcfrs Fires this morning (2a 7/10) at St. Jane Frances de Chantal Catholic Church, 9601 Old Georgetown Rd., and at North Bethesda Methodist Church, 130a Old Georgetown Rd. ULxDl5c1Cs Pete Piringer, @mcfrsPIO July 10, 2022


A parishioner at St. Jane’s Church remarked, “I don’t know, it seems like a mirror of our times that we live in.” “Makes me believe that we will endure despite somebody trying to hurt our feelings.”

On Old Georgetown Road, less than a mile away and on the same street as St. Jane’s, is where you can find North Bethesda United Methodist Church.

“I feel bad for the perpetrators in my heart. I wonder what drives someone to visit a church and commit this kind of mischievous damage. What is broken in their hearts and lives that they can’t fix? Jones uttered.

The St. Jane parish is gathering today, as always, in worship and celebration, and we will pray especially for those who felt forced to act out in a way that so disrespects our faith and our family, according to a statement from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.


The police are seeking additional information as part of this continuing inquiry.

The number to report a fire in Montgomery County is 240-777-2263.

The North Bethesda Methodist Church congregation was requested to pray for those accountable.

“This planet and this community are in a turmoil right now, and we all need the peace, “Jones stated.