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As Twitter Stock Soared To An All-Time High, Jack Dorsey’s Net Worth Actually DROPPED $2 Billion. What?! How?!

In recent days, the price of Twitter stock has risen to all-time highs. Despite what you might assume, that actually doesn’t have much of an impact on Jack Dorsey’s net worth.



Twitter’s stock price is at an all-time high of $76 as I write this piece. The price of Twitter shares has skyrocketed in recent months. In a year, the stock has more than doubled. So it stands to reason that Jack Dorsey, the CEO and founder of the company, must have a similarly rising net worth. You’re probably picturing the awkwardly-bearded Dorsey off on a 10-day meditation retreat in French Polynesia celebrating silently with a stiff glass of carrot juice and an extra-long downward dog.

Unfortunately for Jack, his net worth, which is now estimated at $14 billion, isn’t really affected by Twitter’s recent highs.

In fact, Jack’s overall fortune actually FELL by $2 billion in the last week, the same period when Twitter was reaching all-time highs. Why? How? Let’s talk…



The majority of people undoubtedly believe that Jack Dorsey is Twitter’s only creator and CEO. In truth, Jack is a founding member. Together with Biz Stone, Evan Williams, and Noah Glass, he founded Twitter in 2006. Jack served as the company’s first CEO but was reportedly forced to step down in 2008 by his co-founders and their venture capitalist backers because he was spending too much time on extracurricular hobbies like yoga and meditation retreats. Seriously.

From 2008 until 2010, Evan Williams was the CEO. A guy named Dick Costolo served as CEO from 2011 to 2015, at that point Dorsey rode back in as CEO, a position he still holds today.

In the early years of Jack’s second tenure as CEO, Twitter stock resembled a dog with fleas. In 2015, Twitter traded at about $35 on the day he took over as CEO once more. The share price plummeted during the following two years, staying in the $15–16 area until ostensibly rebounding in the early months of 2018.

Twitter’s stock was trading in the $25–35 range a year ago. Jack Dorsey’s net worth was only $3.3 billion at the beginning of March. It hasn’t been that low in about 8 years.

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Going back to Jack Dorsey and Twitter

Today marked the first time that Twitter’s market cap exceeded $60 billion. It’s a huge accomplishment for the company and a major validation for Dorsey.

Sadly, it isn’t really making much of an effect on Jack’s wealth. Jack’s net worth actually fell $500 million yesterday and is down about $2 billion in a week.

Jack Dorsey doesn’t own a significant amount of Twitter stock, after all. Jack owns about 2% of the business. By comparison, Mark Zuckerberg owns 30% of Facebook. Each of the two Google co-founders owns roughly 14% of Alphabet. Elon Musk holds a 22% stake in Tesla.

A year ago, when Twitter was trading in the $25-35 range, Jack’s 2% Twitter stake was worth around $500 million. His 2 percent stake is currently worth Equals

$1.2 billion

He had a nice sum of money, but it’s debatable whether it would officially make him a billionaire after taxes if he sold everything.


Financial services and mobile payment provider Square. If you’ve ever bought something at a farmer’s market or from a food truck, you probably handed your credit card over to the merchant who swiped it in a little square card reader that was plugged into an iPad or iPhone.

2009 saw Jack co-found Square. The idea came to Jack after a friend (who then became his co-founder) complained about not being able to sell glass faucets and fittings because he didn’t accept credit cards.

The stock’s performance since coming public is as follows:


As the CEO of Square as well, Jack has come under fire at times when Twitter has struggled. Lots of analysts and shareholders thought Twitter deserved a more “full-time” CEO.

Because Square’s shares increased from $12.85 on the day it went public to $225 today, there was a lot of shareholder animosity at that time.

Please recall that earlier today Twitter broke $60 billion for the first time. Thus, the value of Jack’s side enterprise is $40 billion higher than that of his most well-known endeavor.

$13 billion

While Square has had a phenomenal year, its stock has fallen in the past week, as can be seen on the far right of the stock chart above.

Square hit an all time high of $276 on February 19. That represents a loss of 18.5% at the current $225 price.

On February 19th, Jack had a net worth of $16 billion. This is how/why Jack LOST $2 billion in wealth while Twitter soared to new all-time highs.

$1 Billion Donation

Jack had 63 million shares of Square one year ago (20 million more than he currently holds). On April 7, 2020 Jack announced he was moving $1 billion worth of his Square equity (20 million shares) to a newly-launched foundation he named #startsmall LLC.

Square was trading at $50 when he made his statement, therefore the “$1 billion donation” (20 million shares * $50 = $1 billion).

With his announcement Jack posted a link to a Google doc where he he is tracking every single donation #startsmall makes. Actually, it’s pretty cool. Here is a link to the document; you can view it there. The foundation’s current valuation and each donation it has made since it began are both visible.

Also, here’s a screenshot. Consider cell B3:


After the foundation has already distributed $350 million, though (which you can see in cell B2). Cell B1 shows that Jack’s $1 billion donation has so far generated $3.872 billion in value. In other words, Jack’s foundation is worth three times as much as his Twitter ownership.

So, here’s a crucial issue: