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Apex Legends Dev Explains Why a Cold-Blooded Legend Won’t be Added

Scanning, or being able to find opponents, play a major role in today’s Apex Legends meta. Many legends possess the ability to scan the area or gain information



The current Apex Legends meta heavily relies on scanning, or being able to locate opponents. Many legends are capable of scanning the surroundings or learning details about other players. Among legends with skills similar to scanning, Bloodhound and Seer are two of the best.

The UAV in Call of Duty is the object that resembles scanning the most. The player can see any nearby foes thanks to the UAV. Equipping the Ghost or Cold Blooded is one approach to avoid being detected by the UAV.

There isn’t currently a skill or item in Apex Legends that can remove you from scanning. You will always be noticed. On Reddit, players have discussed how they would feel about a legend that would not be harmed by scanning.

Despite the possibility of an anti-scan legend being accepted by fans, Apex Legends developer John “JayBiebs” Larson expressed his displeasure with the concept.


The notion of an anti-scan mythology does not excite me. mainly because there are less alternatives because the counter in a scan meta is now linked to a particular legend. — John Larson via @RSPN JayBiebs on July 9, 2022

A Cold Blooded, Anti-Scan Legend thus appears implausible at this time. Later, JayBeibs stated that “As we can see from the Seer meta, the term “scans” in Apex can indicate a variety of things. Very distinct feeling. Personally, I find options without regard to legends to be more exciting.”

By including an Anti-Scan Legend, practically every game would require them. The legends would generally be less varied in Apex. Instead, each team would consist of two unique legends, with the Anti-Scanner serving as the third.

The Devs appear intent on adjusting the existing scan-based legends rather than creating a stealth legend. Although they haven’t specified a time yet, we may assume it might coincide with the start of Season 14 in the middle of next month.