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You should watch “Bluey,” the most critically acclaimed show on television. Just go on and watch it. The New York Magazine gave “Bluey” four stars and commented, “The easily the best show on televisi



“Bluey” is a must-see. It’s unquestionably the best television show out there. Don’t think about it. Go ahead and do it. If you have to use someone else’s Disney+ account, I won’t mind.

You can’t go wrong with this show because it has it all: it’s whimsical, funny, poignant, and ultimately heartwarming. Oh, and it’s a cartoon for very young children, as I probably should have mentioned. This summer, the United States will get a third season of “The Best Kids’ Show of Our Time,” a cartoon for very small children.

It may seem odd that a childless 30-something woman from Brooklyn is evangelizing for an Australian animated children’s show, but hear me out: The numbers tell the story. “Bluey” has become the most downloaded show in the history of the Australian Broadcasting Commission Kids’ on-demand service since its debut in Australia in 2018. A few short months later, it had made its way across the Pacific to the United States, where it quickly became a hit: According to Parrot Analytics, the audience demand for Bluey is 17.2x that of the average TV series in the United States in the last 30 days. It’s in greater demand than 98% of all children’s books combined!

Even though “Frozen” was a huge hit, I wouldn’t mind never hearing “Let It Go” again if the numbers don’t convince you. In addition to Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman, and Billy Joel, “Bluey” has an international Emmy Award fan base. In addition to Natalie Portman and Lin-Manuel Miranda, other well-known actors have lent their talents to the production.


What’s the deal with ‘Bluey’?

The adventures of 6-year-old cattle dog puppy Bluey and her family are chronicled in “Bluey,” a slice-of-life show. Episodes of the show, which take place in Brisbane, Australia, are about seven and a half minutes long and focus on the importance of imagination and play. Laughing and crying are both possible outcomes of watching it (in the best way possible).

“Bluey” was originally pitched as a “R-rated ‘Peppa Pig,’” but was created by Joe Brumm, who was inspired by his experience raising two daughters.

The first thing I noticed about this show was how well it captures the spirit of childhood play. It’s common for the kids to play out a fictitious scenario, often with the help of their patient (and expert) parents.


For the show, the creator credits everything from “Peppa Pig” to “South Park,” but most of all it’s inspired by real-life games he and his daughters have engaged in together. He claims that children’s play has a “inherent comedy” to it.

According to Brumm, you’ll find yourself in “bizarre, Monty Python-esque scenarios.” When it comes to “Bluey,” I’m most proud of the fact that I believe it can teach adults a thing or two about how important play is in the lives of children. It’s a winning combination that’s both funny and good for you.

The ‘Bluey’ characters have met the Heeler family. Dogs that were bred to herd cattle are known as “heelers,” or “Australian Cattle Dogs.” Bluey, the show’s titular puppy, is the most important character to know. It has been said of her, who is six, that she is “inexhaustible.”

“He loves digging up bones,” she says of her father Bandit, an archaeologist. GET IT?!?)


Chili, her mother, is a security guard at an airport.

4-year-old Bingo is her younger sibling.

Uncle Stripe Muffin and Socks, as well as Bluey’s cousins, Uncle Rad Nana and Grandad, make up the rest of the extended family.

In addition, a slew of close associates.


Why is ‘Bluey’ so popular?

Teacher Rachel Terhune (and mother of two) told me she thought “Bluey” was so popular, so I asked her why.

“What is it about ‘Bluey’ that I find so appealing?” When I think about “Bluey,” I could go on and on. This is the first time in a long time that a children’s show has joined the zeitgeist in a positive way, she continued. Things that are popular among children are often incredibly infuriating to adults. In fact, there is an entire Reddit subreddit devoted to adults hating on a child’s character named Caillou.

I love how he doesn’t talk down to kids. It is not patronizing to children in terms of concepts and language that they can handle.” As she continued, she emphasized how age-appropriate the show’s language is without resorting to baby talk. “It’s all perfectly normal. Without being cheesy, it’s a loving gesture. “I like that they made a cartoon dog more realistic of a family than most other (human) cartoons I see on television.”


Honestly, “Bluey” has so many good points. It’s not just the visuals that are stunning, but the soundtrack as well, with each episode getting its own soundtrack. I think it’s relatable and funny, and it subverts gender stereotypes without making a fuss about it. Due to her dark hair and eyes, many people mistakenly believe that Bluey is a boy. On the other hand, we don’t need to make a big deal about Bluey being a girl.

Bandit is a loving, patient, and hilarious playmate to his kids, and he’s just as likely to do the laundry or make the bed as his wife is. The show also blows wide open the bumbling-father-figure trope. Chili, on the other hand, is a capable and playful mother who isn’t afraid to pick up a wrench and fix the toilet. There is nothing more comforting to this traumatized-childhood-millennial soul than witnessing a couple like Bandit and Chili patiently and lovingly indulge in and guide their daughters through life.

Watching “Bluey” may even improve your parenting skills. Child development experts in Australia, including Marc de Rosnay, told the Sydney Morning Herald that if a young couple asked him for parenting advice today, he would tell them to watch “Bluey.”

Watch ‘Bluey’ online.


On Disney+, the first two seasons of “Bluey” are available. In Australia, you’ve probably already finished watching the third season.

a list of the top ten Bluey episodes

Why don’t you just sit down and enjoy the show? It’s so easy to binge-watch because each episode is just 10 minutes long. However, if you’re still not convinced, I’d recommend starting with the following:



Doughnut Confectionery Night\sDaddy-putdown

Nocturnal (beware, for it will creep up on you)

Toys and merchandise featuring ‘Bluey’

A Bluey-themed toy or item is a good bet if you’re attending a child’s birthday this summer and have no idea what to buy them for their celebrations.


Stuffed animals known as ‘Blueys’

Talking Plush with a Bluey Color Scheme

Plush Bob the Bilby ‘Bluey’ figurines are included in Talking Bingo Plush Plush Bingo.

4-pack of Bluey and Friends


Vehicle for the whole family in 4WD Bluey

Bluey’s Grillin’ Set

Figurines of Bluey Grannies

Figure of Bluey Unipony


A collection of “Bluey” games

Monopoly with a twist: Bluey Monopoly Junior\sTrouble: Special Edition Bluey Tabletop Game

Scavenger hunt game for the Blueys

In the shadows of bluey Tabletop Game


Dressed in “bluey” attire

Fleece Bluey Cosplay Hoodie

Set of Blue Pajamas

Bluey T-Shirts with Graphics in a 3-Pack


Dresses in the style of “Bluey”

Traditional Bingo This costume is suitable for toddlers

Toddler Bluey Costume

Boys in Blue Are You Thrilled to Be Here? Costume


Orange Dog Cartoon for Children Costumes for the spooky season

Bluey” is a joy regardless of whether you’re a parent. At least take a page out of my book if you don’t have children and are determined not to watch the show. The next time you’re stuck in small talk with a couple who has children and you’re having trouble keeping up, bring up the movie “Bluey” and see if they’ve seen it. I’m confident that the conversation will begin on its own.