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An author by the name of Vasquez released her novel to start a sci-fi franchise

Castro is excited to expand the character he wrote, PFC Jenette Vasquez, in novels set in the San Antonio universe. Castro says after the film release of “Aliens” there were few Latina characters and



Being given the opportunity to continue the story of PFC Jenette Vasquez, the fierce Latina Marine from the 1986 film “Aliens,” as part of a line of novels based in that world, means a lot to San Antonian V. Castro.

Castro, who currently resides in the U.K. and is the first Latina to write a “Aliens” novel, stated that one of the reasons she started writing was because there were so few Latina characters in movies or in media in general when she was growing up.

In “Aliens: Vasquez,” Castro gives the character a richer backstory and looks into her legacy. The book can be pre-ordered now and will be available on October 25.

This month at Comic-Con in San Diego, she will participate in a panel discussion about the series with editor Steve Saffel, author Clara Clarija, who co-authored “Alien: Inferno’s Fall,” and author Andrew Gaska, who wrote for the “Alien” role playing game.


Castro will stop in San Antonio to sign copies of her work before heading to California. At Ingram Festival, 6065 NW Loop 410, No. 185, at 2 p.m. on Saturday, and San Pedro Crossing, 321 NW Loop 410, No. 104, at 1 p.m. on Sunday, she will be appearing at two Barnes & Nobles locations.

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Her most recent work, “Queen of the Cicadas,” which was published last year and for which she made up her own urban legend, is one that should be read with all the lights on. She reimagines Texas urban legends in “Mestiza Blood,” a collection of short stories, which was released in January.

Castro suggested that a standalone book about Vasquez be written. She claimed that when she first saw the movie, the role stood out to her, giving her a rare opportunity to see a fellow Latina in a movie. She also responded to Sigourney Weaver’s portrayal of Ellen Ripley in the movies.


“Men predominated in science fiction and science fiction/horror. She cited Ripley and Vasquez as excellent examples of female empowerment. Oh my god, look at this woman, was the reaction. The addition of Latinx characters helped to broaden the world of “Aliens,” flesh out the existing material, and provide a little more clarity.

She explained that she had to work with the established elements of Vasquez’s plot. Her Vasquez is still a gang member who served in juvenile jail before joining the Marines.

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“I had to ask how I might use the information that had already been provided about her to make a statement. I do discuss racial profiling and being in the wrong place at the wrong time as a result. And I bring her children back to Texas from Los Angeles because their upbringing in Texas has introduced new elements of Latino culture.


Castro claims that although the book is a standalone story, there are threads that could be explored in subsequent books. She has ideas for further movie-related series that would be published by Titan Books, the publisher of the “Alien” series.

She stated, “I’d love to write a ‘Alien vs. Predator’ book. “I would love to investigate the character of Anna from ‘Predator,’ add other Latinx characters, broaden it in different ways, and incorporate those cultural allusions. Writing is incredibly enjoyable.

DL Martin,, @DeborahMartinEN