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All 53 who died in human-smuggling disaster identified by Bexar County

The identities of all 53 people who died in a human-smuggling incident on the Southwest Side were confirmed by the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office. Sixty-four immigrants were found in the sweltering heat of an abandoned tractor-trailer June 27 on Quintana Road. Four people were arrested in connection with the incident in the days that followed. The county worked with the consulates of Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala over the last two weeks…



It has been confirmed that all 53 people who died in a human smuggling incident on the Southwest Side of San Antonio have been identified.

June 27 saw the discovery of a sweltering tractor-trailer containing 64 immigrants on Quintana Road. In the days following the incident, four people were arrested.

Last week, the county partnered with the consulates of Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala to confirm the identities of those who had died; the identity of the last potentially confirmed victim was made public on Monday as a result of this collaboration with the three consulates.

Twenty-six of the 53 victims were Mexicans, 21 were Guatemalans, and six were Hondurans.


Pascual Guachiac Sipac, 13, traveled to the United States with his 14-year-old cousin Juan Tulul Tepaz, who was also killed in the attack on the children. The 55-year-old Mexican Juan Valeriano Domitilo was the oldest victim.