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Alec Gores Net Worth

Businessman Alec Gores, who is Israeli and American, has a $3 billion fortune. Alec Gores is a self-made entrepreneur who earned his net worth through leverage buyouts of technology firms.



What is Alec Gores’ net worth?

Businessman Alec Gores, who is Israeli and American, has a $3 billion fortune. Alec Gores is a self-made businessman who acquired his wealth through leveraged acquisitions of technological companies. He established The Gores Group in 1987, and it is now a very successful private equity firm that completes deals valued between $500 million and $900 million annually.

He was raised in Flint, Michigan but was actually born in Nazareth, Israel. His mother is Lebanese, and his father is Greek. After completing his high school education at Genesee High School in Genesee, Michigan, he enrolled in Western Michigan University and graduated with a degree in computer science. The two brothers of Alec. The Detroit Pistons are owned by his brother Tom Gores, a billionaire private equity manager. Head of the Paradigm Talent Agency, which represents artists like Stephen King, Coldplay, Halsey, and Ed Sheeran, is his brother Sam Gores.

Alec and Tom initially collaborated but parted ways in 1995, even though they still occasionally work together on business.

Alec Gores
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Personal Life

Five kids total from Alec’s two marriages. He is currently married to Kelly Noonan Gores, his third wife.

Real Estate

Alec invested $17 million in a 1.3-acre Beverly Hills property in 2016. The previous house was subsequently torn down and a new mansion has been under construction for some time.

He invested $3 million in 1998 to purchase an unfinished piece of property in Beverly Park, a private neighborhood perched atop Beverly Hills. He went on to construct a 30,000 square foot estate, which was finished in 2007. In 2017, he sold this house for $25 million.


Gores had a separate 40,000 square foot estate in Beverly Park for many years. In March 2022, he sold this house for $70 million in an off-market transaction. That sale price set the record for a home price sale in Beverly Park. He had listed this house for $95 million a few years back.