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Adrien Brody’s ‘Succession’ Hamptons Mansion Just Sold For $45 Million

Fans of the HBO series “Succession” will recognize this incredible property as the isolated Hamptons mansion owned by Adrien Brody’s character Josh Aaronson. And it recently sold for $45,000,000.



A Hamptons property made famous by the HBO television show “Succession” just sold for $45 million.

This is the mansion that appeared in “Lion in the Meadow,” the fourth episode of season three, for show viewers. This is the mansion that serves as home to investor Josh Aaronson, played by Adrien Brody.

If you remember from the show, Josh, one of the company’s biggest stockholders, invites Kendall and Logan to the Hamptons. Logan had a cardiac or fatigue episode as a result of Josh taking the Roy boys on a lengthy, twisting hike. The majority of viewers saw Josh’s test of the Roys’ ability to set aside their disagreements and support one another as father and son in the hike. When they fail that test, Josh – who has apparently lost $300 million in recent months thanks to the sliding Waystar stock price – informs the Roy boys that he no longer supports them and is throwing his vote to fellow investor Stewy.

The 2.5-acre ultra-modern property is really situated in Wainscott, an East Hamptons village. The property’s 11,000 square-foot mansion, which has six bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, was built in 2018 by David and Marla Susser as a summer home to complement their primary residence in Florida.


Although Seal Dynamics’ purchase price was kept a secret, it must have been a sizable sum. Big enough for David and Marla to pay $16.5 million in 2015 for the parcel of land in Wainscott that became the Succession mansion.

Building took three years. When the Wall Street Journal asked David Susser how much the couple spent on construction costs, he replied:


The Susser’s “Succession” mansion was initially listed for sale in August 2020 for $52 million. It recently sold for $45 million to an unidentified bidder, as we already mentioned in this post.

Adrien Brody was nearing the end of his career’s pinnacle in 2007. He was still quite well-known and in high demand, but he was moving further away from the heyday of his Oscar-winning success in around 1999 or 2000. Elsa Pataky, a Spanish model and actress, was one of the sexiest women in the world during the time when Adrien was dating her.


Legend has it that Elsa once said that she had always wanted to be a princess and live in a palace. What then did Brody do? He surprised her with a castle purchase on her 31st birthday.

fantastic deed, right? Unfortunately, the castle lacked any real romance. The castle, which was $650,000 and was in the town of Cleveland, New York, was a complete trash. It required a comprehensive renovation. Speaking of dumps, less than a year after Elsa surprised him with a trip to the castle, she dumped Adrien and moved in with Chris Hemsworth. Elsa and Chris currently have a global real estate portfolio worth about $50 million. Their mansion in the Australian town of Byron Bay, is worth $30 million and features a 160-foot rooftop infinity pool.

Adrien deserves praise for continuing to spend the following seven years completely renovating the birthday castle, which he still owns today.

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