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A Sprawling 15-Acre Oceanfront Estate Near Palm Beach Just Sold For $95 Million

Previously the second most expensive home for sale in the United States, a large Florida property just sold for $95 million.



Two incredibly fantastic real estate assets first on the market in January 2016. Both had been home to the same family for many years. Both were (are) truly extraordinary. Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion was the first piece of real estate. In January 2016, the Playboy mansion went on the market with a $200 million asking price. That made it the most expensive house up for sale in the country. A few weeks later, a 15-acre estate in Florida that had a $195 million listed price came in second. The Playboy mansion sold about six months after being listed to the then-32 year old Twinkies/Pabst Blue Ribbon heir, Daren Metropoulos.

Selling the Florida mansion was more difficult. The listing was taken down several times until being reinstated again in October 2020 for $115 million. The Multiple Listing Service indicates that it recently sold for $95 million. It’s the latest in a string of Florida mega-mansion sales, as billionaires flee high-tax New York/Connecticut/California in search of a better place to work from home, or just live.

The 15-acre “Gemini” property in Manalapan, Palm Beach County, covers an entire island and is situated there. The property boasts 1,200 feet of Atlantic Ocean sand on one side. It has 1,300 feet of frontage on the Intracoastal Waterway side on the opposite side.

The original mansion was built in the 1940s by Gloria Guinness, a Mexican-born socialite whose fortune was derived from her fourth marriage to Thomas Loel Guinness. Although Thomas came from a branch of the Guinness family that generated much more money from banking and real estate than beer sales, he was in fact an heir to the Guinness beer dynasty.

William Ziff sold Ziff Davis to Frostmann Little, a private equity group, for $1.4 billion in 1994, for the sale of 95% of the company. After taking immediate retirement, he continued to enjoy a supposedly wonderful life until his death in 2006 at the age of 76. Tamsen Ann Kojis continued to care for him.

William actually gave the most of his wealth to his three boys from his first marriage after retiring in 1994. Through wise investments, those three sons—Dirk Ziff, Robert Ziff, and Daniel Ziff—dramatically raised the family’s wealth. The combined worth of the three Ziff brothers is at little around $5 billion.

The property is so amazing and special. You really have to see it to believe it. View this virtual tour:

    The new owner of the house has not yet been made public. We’ll keep you posted if that becomes public!