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A Saudi Billionaire Is About To List His NYC Penthouse For… $170 Million!

According to reports, Fawaz Al Hokair, a billionaire businessman from Saudi Arabia, is ready to list his penthouse residence at 432 Park Avenue for… $170 million.




Today, Manhattan apartments are practically jumping off the shelf. even at the premium pricing range. At least 30 contracts for properties costing more than $4 million have reportedly been inked over the previous 20 weeks in a row.

Two condos at 220 Central Park South were recently purchased for $157.5 million by an unknown bidder.

The Wall Street Journal has learned from sources that a Saudi billionaire is ready to put his penthouse at 432 Park Avenue up for sale for…

$170 million

Fair enough, that 22-year-old was Ekaterina Rybolovleva, the daughter of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, who also owns the AS Monaco soccer team thanks to his $7 billion net worth.

I leave off. Back to today’s $170 million listing, which would be the highest-penthouse offered in this building:

(Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

Gary Hershorn/Getty Images provided the image.

Who Is The Seller?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Saudi billionaire real estate developer Fawaz Al Hokair is the seller.

There was no video of Fawaz’s penthouse that I could discover, but there was one of a penthouse a few levels below. A 4,000 square foot, three-bedroom penthouse is what you are going to see. So, as you watch, picture the following TWICE:

Alex Rodriguez is one of the famous people who lives at 432 Park Ave.

Thankfully, the 96th story apartment is high enough in the sky to prevent prying eyes from recording any private moments.

Unfortunately, 435 Park Avenue doesn’t just offer spa services and swimming pools. According to a February 2021 New York Times expos√©, residents have long-complained that the building has several major flaws. For instance, when there is a heavy wind in the city, the elevators will not operate. Walls appear to be crumbling. Additionally, several units have suffered exorbitantly expensive floods.

Who is Fawaz Al Hokair?

As of right now, the firm owns 19 malls in Saudi Arabia. They can also stock their malls with a variety of brands for which they have the sole Saudi franchise rights. These companies are:

    The net worth of Fawaz Al Hokair is $1.5 billion.

    Do you remember reading about “The Billionaire,” a model home in Bel Air, Los Angeles?

    The most expensive house on the market in the US at the time “The Billionaire” went on the market in 2018 was listed at $250 million.

    Fawaz paid $94 million for “The Billionaire,” not the advertised $250 million price!