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A mom hilariously describes what it’s like to fly with a toddler on TikTok

It’s funny because it is true.



As the old adage goes, “once a journalist, always a journalist,” and Kayla Sullivan is the living embodiment of that sentiment.

In her new role as an anchor on TikTok, former TV reporter Sullivan discusses the realities of flying with small children, a topic that is all too familiar to her fellow parents. Sullivan may no longer be on the evening news, but she is doing her part by using her skills.

When she’s not making fun of her own experiences as a parent, you can find her on Twitter or Instagram, where she’s often talking about trying to eat dinner out with her kid or dealing with the dreaded playground scrapes. With more than half a million views and counting, her video on how to travel with your child has clearly resonated with people.

As Sullivan explains in the video, she’s “reporting live from the airport,” where she plans to “hand out these sorry suckers” to every “sorry sucker who has to sit next to me and my toddler on the plane,”


Sitting on her lap, laughing and wiggling the entire time as she talks about him, her child appears to know that everything she is saying to him is true.

According to history, Sullivan’s son still enjoys trying to kick the seat in front of him, bang on the tray, and raise the window shade loudly, despite his mother’s best efforts to keep him in line with civil behavior. No, I don’t allow this behavior, but it is a challenge for me to control.”

Because “allegedly these things are just too tempting for a 3-year-old child,” says Sullivan, she prefers to let her son do these things rather than try to prevent him from doing them.

Fortunately for Sullivan, all of her commenters were able to see the humor in the video, praising her as a wonderful mother and stressing the importance of being empathetic. Plus, a free lollipop is always welcome on a plane.