A Lost Rembrandt Painting Valued At $240 Million Reportedly Found “By Accident”

The picture was given to experienced art restorer Antonella Di Francesco after the accident in 2016, and it didn’t take her long to realize that it might be the genuine Rembrandt work that was long thought to be destroyed. After removing the centuries’ worth of varnish from its surface, she was able to determine with accuracy. Di Francesco notes that the find embodies the goal of everyone working in the field of art restoration in a news release about the find:

The unexpected realization that you are in front of a work by a really great author who shows himself to you, which emerges from its opaque zone and selects you to be redeemed from the darkness, is one of the most beautiful things that may happen in a lifetime.

“We must now get through the dizziness that could cause us to lose that beautiful sense of being a part of history. It is an exhilaration without comparison that vibrates till it pulls you into an uncontrollable urge of morbid curiosity. I don’t resist it and let the spell to ensnare me.”



As for what will happen to the painting now, the family that unwittingly owned it apparently has no plans to sell despite its massively increased value. They claim that instead, they will loan it to a number of museums and galleries for public display.

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