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A LeBron James Rookie Card Sold For $5.2 Million, Making It The Most Expensive Basketball Card Ever

After selling for $5.2 million to an unidentified bidder, a LeBron James rookie card tied the record for the most expensive card from any sport and set a new record for basketball cards.



The sports trading card market continues to heat up. This time, it’s a LeBron James rookie card that has set a new price record for basketball cards, and tied the record for most expensive card from any sport. The total cost of the purchase was $5.2 million.

The card is part of an extremely limited edition of only 23 copies, graded 9 by Beckett Grading Services, making it one of the top three rarest cards to receive that rating. Director of business development for PWCC Marketplace, Jesse Craig, discussed the record-breaking sale as follows:

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Getty Images/Jason Miller

He isn’t making things up. Over the past year, the price of rare and valuable trading cards has skyrocketed for whatever reason. 23 of the 24 greatest sales have occurred in the past 15 months, according to Sports Illustrated, which made this observation recently. Just last year, a similar and higher-graded LeBron card to the one that just sold for $5.2 million went for the relatively paltry $1.85 million, which gives you an idea of how the market has only continued to rise.