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A Cat Named Rowdy Spent 3 Weeks Traversing Boston’s Logan Airport — and Is Now on Her Way Home

The aptly-named cat was spotted several times around the airport, but no one was able to capture her until Wednesday.



At Boston’s Logan Airport, a cat named Rowdy spent three weeks avoiding capture. She was eventually caught and will be given back to her home.

Rowdy, a 4-year-old cat, was traveling home from Germany in June on a Lufthansa flight. Rowdy managed to escape from her crate to chase some birds she found on the tarmac while cargo loaders were unloading the plane, according to The Associated Press. Rowdy started his three-week stakeout at the Boston airport at that point.

Despite being seen numerous times in and around the airport, no one was able to catch the appropriately called cat until Wednesday.

The airport’s operator, Massport, said in a statement that she ultimately allowed herself to be caught “this morning, whether out of tiredness or hunger we’ll never know,” according to the AP.


Airline employees and construction workers joined the search for Rowdy over the course of three weeks. Where Rowdy had been seen, the airport set up cameras and safe-release wildlife traps.

Airport staff were in close contact with Rowdy’s family to assist entice her to safety. They identified her favorite foods and positioned familiar objects in her path. On Wednesday morning, after being caught in a safe-release trap, airport workers informed Rowdy’s family that they had finally apprehended their cat.

Rowdy’s owner Patty Sahli made light of the fact that her cat “inspects every package and every suitcase” and “would be wonderful at airport security” in an interview with NBC Boston. Sahli responded that her cat “probably put a dent on the mouse population at the airport” when asked what she believed her cat had been doing for three weeks at Logan Airport.

On Wednesday morning, Rowdy was picked up from the airport and given a health inspection by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Although healthy, the cat was said to be ravenous. On Friday night, she is scheduled to fly to Florida, where she will meet up with her family once more.


Contributing writer Cailey Rizzo is presently living in Brooklyn and works for Travel + Leisure. She may be found online at, on Twitter, and on Instagram.