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50+ shots fired during Capitol Hill concert

50+ shots fired during Capitol Hill concert



According to Seattle police and videos posted on social media from the site, a concert at Washington Hall in Capitol Hill on Sunday night ended in gunfire.

On Sunday night, just before midnight, Capitol Hill’s Washington Hall, located at 153 14th Avenue, was the scene of many gunshots, according to Seattle police.

Multiple gunshots were heard inside the arena, and people were seen running for the exits, according to social media video from the site.

Between East Fir Street and East Spruce Street, along 14th Avenue, several cops arrived and discovered cases and bullet pieces.


Police reported two gunfire incidents along 14th Avenue, the first of which was in front of Washington Hall.

The second location, according to the Seattle Fire Department’s dispatch files, was at the intersection of East Yesler Way and 12th Avenue South.

Rappers D.B. Boutabag and Capolow took the stage as part of their The Road Trip Summer Tour after making a stop in Portland the previous evening.

No recorded injuries exist.