Digital Marketing is an inevitable part of your business if you are desirous to be growing more and touch the culmination of success! The revolution of cutting-edge technology and continuous development makes it mandated to invest in digital marketing to gain customer’s trust. 

However, as per the survey result of Salesforce, approx 75% of the Total Marketing Budget will be digital by the end of 2021. So, you must perceive, it’s going to be an enormous change! Today’s Digital Marketing relies on diverse types of audience interactions along with online marketing. 

Therefore, it will be revolving around mobilizing and operating various Digital Marketing channels. And, most of the time, these might be a bit cumbersome to deal with! That’s why we have come up with this article to let you know how many types of accurate digital marketing platforms are there for you. 

If you research more, you will surely notice countless Digital Marketing strategies are there to cater to your business. So, how will you choose one of these numerous types? When you learn about those leading types and their optimal usages, you will be in a leading position to craft that strategy and make a hassle-free execution as well! 

“Encouragement is the most outstanding part of our digital strategy” –

Paull Young

Hence, without blabbering more, let’s dig into the five major types of Digital Marketing and which one will be the best one for your business! 

5 significant types of Digital Marketing

At Online Monk, we declare the term “Digital Marketing” is a fusion of using numerous online visibility methods to promote products, brands, and services themselves! 

You must want to increase your website’s visibility, make your target audience compelled to look at your services, and understand more about the offer. For all things to happen, you have to do various types of promotions. When the online promotional activity sphere completely does such promotion, it is known as Digital Marketing. 

That’s why you must know the significant types of it’s channels and techniques merge to spring up Digital Marketing. So, you have grasped what digital marketing is, and it’s time to take a glance at its 5 significant types. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the most significant type of online marketing for your full-fledged business. It is a leading process of optimizing your online content so that you can acquire higher organic traffic from popular search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. 

SEO process simply involves major emphasizing of specified keywords so that when target audience search for those, they can find your site, and this is how your organic traffic will enhance! However, SEO is not about only optimizing the quality of your organic search traffic but also compels them to visit your site. 

Therefore, publicizing relevant content on the required topics will benefit you to improve that traffic’s quality. Your online business will be capable of connecting with the apt prospects who are possibly interested in your brand. Nevertheless, manipulating the framework of the search engines is not a discreet practice anymore as your website might be penalized for this misdeed. So, you have to play it clean!

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Why is SEO important?

61% of marketers have showcased that optimizing organic search and SEO is their leading priority for various types of digital marketing. It is not at all surprising that 81% of customers do rigorous online research via a proper search engine prior to making a purchase. 

So, if you are willing to reach people online, you need to prioritize SEO first. Search Engine Optimization will help you reach your potential audience who are surfing from their computers and an indispensable part of connecting your mobile audiences. 

More importantly, more Google surfers use this platform on mobile than PCs in India and the USA. That’s why SEO is an integral part of those businesses that want to leverage the opportunity to exalt organic search traffic from mobile devices. 

Do you know 39% of all the worldwide e-commerce traffic acquires from SEO Tribunal? Hence, you must maintain the below-mentioned SEO practices:

➢ Guest Blogging

➢ Meta Data

➢ High-quality content

➢ Brand Evangelism

➢ Images and videos 

➢ Direct Mail

➢ Social Presence

➢ Public Relations 

➢ Collateral Material

What are the various steps includes to make an SEO-friendly site?

These steps are:

● Optimization of Meta tags, anchor text, keywords, and title

● SEO copywriting

● Usage of SEO friendly layout and design

● On-page and off-page SEO

● Opting for SEO friendly website domain

● Understanding SEO methods and techniques 

➔ White Hat SEO

➔ Black Hat SEO

● Understanding activities performed by search engines likes indexing, calculating relevancy, crawling, processing, and recovering results

● Mobile SEO and Link building 

How to utilize SEO for your business?

Do you want to optimize your SEO ranking? If yes, you have to start uplifting your content marketing efforts. Therefore, content plays a crucial role in enhancing visibility in Google despite your off-page or on-page SEO techniques. Other leading factors like domain authority, site design, and link building also play an inevitable role in your site’s higher ranking. 

That’s why it is essential to acquire modern SEO tactics for your business. And make frequent updates to your numerous types of digital marketing regarding site and content for maximum results. 

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is the most famous and youngest type of Digital Marketing that diligently helps marketers boost their brand image in a robust and contemporary manner. So, this year, the global number of social media users recorded as 3.4 billion, and a 9% steady increase has been seen compared to the last year. 

It means that small online businesses, which are not previously on social channels, may miss a significant scope to thrive. These are nothing but reaching and engaging new leads on the most famous variety of digital marketing. Diverse businesses prefer SMM for improving the images of your product, business, brand, and individual. 

You must be well-acquainted with the distinct social networks, for example, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more around us. Additionally, there are niche networks, dynamic blog forums, discussions, and places where two-way communication occurs, which comes under Social Media Marketing. So, creating and disseminating quality content in a full-fledged way is the basis of Social Media Marketing.

Why is SMM significant?

If you are a small business owner, SMM is indispensable for your business. Social channels provide you with a space to showcase more human traits of your brand. By posting enthusiastic and agile content updates, you will be able to better connect with your customers and leads genuinely. 

Moreover, it helps you boost more traffic to your site even though you are sharing top-notch content or posting links to your promotions. It definitely fetches more scopes for your visitors to visit your site. 

It is worth mentioning that social media can diligently help you optimize your brand accreditation, which becomes quite worthy when customers walk into your site on Google or see your ad for a pertinent service or product. However, cost-effectiveness is another vital thing for SMM, and you can obviously see authentic results via organic content that doesn’t cost you a dime to post. 

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What are the diverse steps to successful SMM?

● Pick your KPIs

● Research more and grasp your audience 

● Jot down a Social Media Playbook

● Create a content bank

● Pick your relevant social platforms 

● Post essential content 

● Do reporting and reassessing

● Treat all social platforms individually

● Align your company with your plan

● Take an hour to schedule a post each week

However, the latest SMM is premium social media ads that businesses should understand how to use to ensure hassle-free utilization of these platforms. So, let’s grasp the different types of ads you see, or you can run on those renowned social platforms.

Types of LinkedIn Ads

● Text Ads

● Display Ads

● Dynamic Ads

● Sponsored InMail

● Sponsored content

Types of Instagram Ads

● Video

● Photo

● Carousel

Types of Facebook Ads

● Canvas

● Carousel

● Photo Ads

● Video Ads

● Slideshow

Types of Twitter Ads

● Promoted Account

● Promoted Trends

● Promoted Tweets

Lastly, do you know that approximately 40% of digital customers utilize various social networks to research new products and brands? Businesses that observe their target customers on social platforms should always select SMM tactics because it broadens the business reach and ensures the betterment of brand recognition and branding, leading to conversions afterwards.

  1. Content Marketing 

Apart from SMM and SEO techniques, content marketing is another essential aspect of digital marketing. As content triggers nearly every type of digital marketing campaign, therefore, from SMM to email marketing, you will require top-notch content to run efficient campaigns. 

Content Marketing focuses on enticing and transforming target customers into leads by designing, publicizing, promoting, disseminating, and sharing premium and relevant content on diverse digital marketing platforms. 

In a nutshell, content marketing means captivating and converting prospects into customers by preparing and sharing supreme free content. 

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Why is Content Marketing important?

You may have a small or large business, but content marketing benefits both of these businesses! One of the most crucial aspects is the return on investment (ROI) search enignithat this type of marketing can provide only. It is budget-friendly and has a major impact on boosting brand awareness, lead generation, conversion, and nurturing campaigns. 

So, all your top content marketing strategies cost 62% fewer efforts than conventional outbound marketing tactics. That’s why anyone will be able to produce maximum leads, such as more than 3 times leads! Content aids you build true connections with your valuable customers and leads. So, by providing insightful and informative content for your potential customers on diverse marketing channels, you will be helping them make decisive purchase decisions. 

How to utilize content marketing for your business?

As mentioned earlier, different types of content you can effectively create to convert, entice, and engage your website visitors. Therefore, the key is to possess a strategy propelling every piece of content your curate. This vital strategy must be taken into account for both your audience and campaign goals, which you are trying to reach. 

One method of leveraging the leading power of content marketing is to curate a blog. That’s why bloggers and business owners must cover the major types of content that attract most of your targeted customers. Along with blogging, you must create prolonged written content like whitepapers and eBooks. 

What are the major things to pay heed to when creating a content marketing plan?

● Your target customers

● Probable platforms to publicize and share your content

● The unique selling point of your content marketing campaign 

● The issue of your content will solve

● Probable content marketing format you may use

● Leading awareness about content creation, content management system, publication, and curation

What are the superior content marketing techniques?

● Podcasts and Webinars

● Infographics

● Social media

● Landing pages

● E-books

● Videos

● Emails

● Workbooks and templates

● Blogs

What are the 5 steps to do content marketing?

● Start a blog and post content once a week

● Set your goal, define it, and conduct a personal research

● Ascertain a content management system and brainstorm powerful content ideas

● Perceive which types of content would be suitable for your business

● Publish your content on your blogging site and manage it effectively

So, content is the cornerstone of all types of leading internet marketing, and having an adequate marketing strategy ensures superior channelization, creation, and conversions for your business. 

  1. Email Marketing

Did you have any idea that over 100 billion emails are regularly sent and received? Although it is not a contemporary communication tactic, it remains one of the classy digital marketing strategies for businesses to reach their target customers. Most importantly, it is a superior process of sending targeted texts to your contacts via email. 

Like other immense digital marketing tactics, the messages will not always be promotional that you send via email marketing. Therefore, email marketing will be a top-notch place to provide important information about sales, coupons, and other promotional activities. It will also be a robust platform for engaging with your audience via valuable and unique content. 

So, Email Marketing incorporates the best-in-class ways to set up profound relationships with a broader array of audience via Relationship Marketing for a minimal cost than your entire expenditures on conventional media. Therefore:

● Through emails, you can relish 6 times more click-through than Tweets

● The enormous Digital World includes 3 times more professional Email accounts besides Facebook and Twitter

Types of Digital Marketing

Why is Email Marketing important?

Other aspects of digital marketing tactics might leave you awe-struck as, why this Email Marketing is so important! For some reasons, customers like email choose this platform due to its personal and convenient sides. In fact, more than 72% of customers from one Marketing Sherpa survey reported that they like to get brand communications via email vs other platforms. 

It also incorporates well with mandated types of digital marketing aspects. So, you can utilize this marketing as a top-notch promotional channel for your curated content. You may also utilize email to boost more traffic to social media platforms and your website. It makes the email marketing platform highly versatile and efficient at aiding improve other tactics. 

The Email Marketing ROI showcases another significant advantage: it helps boost more traffic and boost sales, which is budget-friendly. The mean ROI for email marketing is about $44, which is a lucrative ROI for small businesses working with constrained marketing costs. 

What are the major goals of an Email Marketing campaign?

● Creating brand new and potential leads for your sales team

● Choosing more traffics for your program in a result-driven way

● Boosting new signups for specified products and services

● Transforming copious leads for your reason

Leading steps to utilize while conducting Email Marketing Campaigns are:

● Utilize superior Email Automation tools

● Utilize top-notch Email Marketing follow-ups

● Understand the Email Campaigns components

● Evade being black-listed and spammed

● Knows diverse ways to acquire permission for Email sign up

● Do proper segmentation and use the best Email Marketing metrics

Diverse Email Marketing components that you must use:

● Event invitation

● Newsletter 

● Marketing promotions and offers

● Proclamation

So, all types of businesses should indulge in their best cost-effective interference. This is only because it is the ideal types of Digital Marketing that ensures incredible conversions. 

  1. Search Engine Marketing and Pay per Click (PPC)

You are able to advertise not only in social media channel but also in Google ads, which are other types of digital marketing and an authentic asset to small businesses. These major types of ads are framed in a leading PPC model that means you need to pay for each click that is demonstrated on an ad. 

Therefore, PPC ads and Google search ads are the best-in-class ways to optimize your potential and reach on search engines. However, these Google ads emerge at the first of the Google search engine results page (SERP), only when a target audience enters the phrases or keywords you have bid on! These ads could be a supreme digital marketing tactic to augment your organic SEO endeavors when done carefully. 

The unpaid version of SEM is SEO when the paid one SEM is PPC. So, it is an expeditious type of Digital Marketing channels that boost targeted traffic to your websites. Moreover, it can easily be understood as purchasing traffic via paid search listings efficiently help marketers acquire more traffic via mobile and desktop web searches. Diverse synonyms and acronyms based on SEM are pay per click (PPC), paid search ads, cost per click (CPC), paid search advertising, pay per call (PPC), and cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

Why is Search Engine Marketing important?

You are well aware of the significance of driving visibility on Google, and the maximum of target customers are using Google to rummage answers about services and products. In order to reach these customers, you should apply more strategies on augmenting your organic search traffic. 

Here organic SEO endeavors can showcase actual results, and on top of that, Google PPC ads significantly help ameliorate the traffic quality that you want to drive back to your site. This means those customers who are clicking on your ads are mainly looking forward to purchasing your product. 

The leading formula to calculate PPC: Pay per click (INR) = Advertising budget (INR) / Number of ads get clicked

PPC is one of the superior internet marketing tactics that aid marketers direct an online advertising system for propelling online traffic to their site by paying a definite amount to the publisher when any potential customer clicks on their paid ads. The leading entities included in these PPC advertising are:

● Landing page

● Product seller

● PPC marketer

● Website visitor

● Landing page provider 

Therefore, the paid SEM and PPC works miraculously for businesses with a superior spending plan and afford exorbitant ways to acquire traffic and ensure supreme online accreditation in the fastest turnaround.

Concluding words

We hope you have a good understanding of all the diverse types of digital marketing and how your business got benefitted from it! Now you can take smarter steps about which channels you should utilize. Hopefully, this article has diligently answered all your questions regarding the 5 major types of digital marketing. So, being highly strategic about these platforms and strategies, which allow you to broaden your campaign outcomes while improving your budget. 

Do you have any questions regarding digital marketing and its strategies? The top-notch digital marketing professionals at Online Monk are here to help you! Let us know which types of digital marketing is beneficial for you. Contact us today if any queries persist! We will be happier to help you!