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38-Year-Old Billionaire In-N-Out Heiress Lists LA Mansion for $16.8 Million

38-year-old burger billionaire Lynsi Snyder is once again trying to offload this incredible mega-mansion in an LA suburb called Bradbury. She is requesting $16.8 million this time.



Lynsi Snyder would be mistaken for an ordinary young, hip-dressing suburban mom picking up a quick dinner for family burger night if you were in line behind her at In-N-Out Burger. You wouldn’t necessarily be in the wrong, though. Despite having four children, Lynsi is still very young at 38 and not at all past her prime (I am also 38). But Lynsi isn’t your typical burger consumer. She is the business’ sole owner. She then drives to a monstrous LA mansion that was just advertised for $16.8 million as she departs.

Due to her full ownership of In-N-Out, which was established by her paternal grandparents Harry and Esther Snyder, Lynsi Snyder’s net worth is $3.6 billion. In-In-Out was started by Harry and Esther in 1948. Rich and Harry Jr., their two sons, will inherit the company from them.

Rich tragically perished in 1993 when his private plane crashed after losing control while following a neighboring Boeing 757 that was approaching John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana for a landing.

Lysni’s father, Harry Jr., passed away in 1999 from a prescription drug overdose. Lynsi thereafter assumed sole succession to the empire. She was a teenager.

Lynsi would be given partial control of In-N-Out on her 30th birthday in 2012 and full control on her 35th birthday, per the terms of her father’s will, in the case of his passing. It was May 5, 2017, that special day. Lynsi achieved her goal of becoming a billionaire on that day.

Lynsi bought a little piece of real estate two months after turning 30 and getting her first share of the business. She spent $17.4 million in August 2012 to purchase an 11-bedroom, 19,000 square foot palatial estate on 4 acres in Bradbury, a LA suburb 22 miles northeast of the city center. Bradbury is not far from the town of Glendora, where Lynsi was born and raised. The long-time residence of Lynsi’s late grandma Esther is a mansion in Glendora.

MLB star Adrian Beltre was the seller when she purchased the Bradbury estate in 2012. With no mortgage, she used a blind trust to purchase the home. AKA: cash only.

The mansion has several amenities, such as a resort-style pool, a batting cage, a dance studio, a 15-seat movie theater, a game room, a six-car garage, tennis courts, and a partial golf course. It also has a 3,400-square-foot health center.

Even without her youth and inheritance circumstances, Lynsi is a somewhat unusual millionaire.

She has had four marriages. She married her high school sweetheart at 18, getting engaged just a few months after her father died. In 2003, they got divorced. A year later, she wed once more, and that union lasted till 2011. She remarried in 2011. That union disintegrated in 2014. She married Sean Ellingson, a former In-N-Out employee, in the same year.

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