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31 Year Old DJ “Zedd” Lists Spectacular Beverly Hills Mansion For $26.5 Million

The 31-year-old Russian/German DJ Zedd is requesting $26.5 million from a new owner, just three years after spending $16 million on an incredibly stunning Beverly Hills property.



Anton Zaslavski, the 31-year-old Russian-German DJ who is better known by his stage name “Zedd,” has listed a mansion in Beverly Hills for sale. What’s more amazing is that was the one to spot it first. Zedd was only 28 years old when he paid $16 million for this property. OR, the fact that he believes it can sell for $26.5 million just three short years later. In other words, if he gets the asking price, Zedd will have essentially been paid $3.5 million per year to live in what is a truly spectacular mansion.

On the 3.2 acres of the land, the developers constructed an 11,000 square foot modern masterpiece in 2016 on spec.

After the building was finished, they sought to sell it for $25 million, but nobody was interested for a whole two years before Zedd stepped in with an offer of $16 million.

Via The MLS/Westside Estate Agency

However, I believe that this real estate advertisement video does a better job of highlighting the amazing amenities of the house:

The second video’s opening thirty seconds clearly highlight the property’s singularity. Keep in mind that this Beverly Hills hilltop property is 3.2 acres. This is a significant parcel of land with breathtaking views.

Uncertain of Zedd’s motivations in selling. With a net worth of $50 million, Zedd is one of the 20 richest DJs on the planet.

Perhaps he’ll use his money to purchase something even grander and more spectacular?!

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