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2 more Trump aides testifying for Jan. 6 committee: Ex-spokeswoman, NSC member

Trump White House aides Sarah Matthews and Matthew Pottinger are expected to testify before the House Jan. 6 committee’s on Thursday



House’s response to the uprising as it unfolded.

Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., said last week: “You will hear that Trump never picked up the phone that day to order his administration to help.” “There is no room for misunderstanding here. Neither the police nor the army were contacted. There was no directive given to the secretary of defense. But he didn’t make a ring to his legal counsel. He didn’t speak to anyone from DHS about it. Mike Pence accomplished all of these things.”

As the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee prepares to hold its first hearing on the Jan. 6 riots, Rep. Elaine Luria told “GMA 3” last week that the committee’s plan is to “go through that 187 minutes”—the period between Trump’s incendiary speech and subsequent attempts to tamp down protests.

GMA 3 has been told by Rep. Adam Kinzinger R-Illinois, a Democrat from Illinois, that the hearing will feature a detailed timeline of the riot.


“Mr. Kinzinger and I intend to use all 187 of those minutes at our earliest convenience. It’s unclear what happened after [former President Trump] left the stage, unleashed a torrent of inflammatory rhetoric, and gave the impression… that he was en route to the Capitol himself “Luria said this.

Committee Chair Bennie Thompson said last week that this week’s hearing is expected to be the final one. After the committee is ready to present its report later this year, he said on Monday that more hearings will be held.

It’s no secret that Trump has denied any wrongdoing and blasted the committee as biased and political in nature.

It was reported with assistance from Mariam Khan and Ivan Pereira of ABC News.