11 Years Ago Eike Batista Predicted He’d Be The Richest Person On The Planet By 2020. Instead He’s Serving A 30 Year Prison Sentence…

Eike Batista likely has a lot of regrets. After all, he was the richest person in Brazil and the sixth richest person in the world with a net worth of $35 billion only a few years ago. He also had a highly arrogant attitude about the future.

Eike stated in a 2010 “60 Minutes” interview that he would have a net worth of more than $100 billion and become the world’s richest person within ten years.

First off, even if Eike had been worth $100 billion, he would not have come close to being the world’s richest person in 2020, Jeff Bezos, who had a net worth of just under $200 billion. Second, Eike doesn’t have a value of $100 billion, $50 billion, $35 billion, $1 billion, or even $1. Eike Batista is currently imprisoned in Brazil and has a negative net worth.

How in the world did Eike Batista drop that quickly and so far?

FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

via Getty Images, FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP

even though you’re still in Germany Eike saw an article in a magazine about a Brazilian gold rush. He left school to return to Brazil and participate in the gold rush.

At his height, he owned five natural gas and oil enterprises. He became a billionaire and by 2010 his $35 billion fortune made him the richest person in Brazil and the seventh richest person in the world.

OBX declared bankruptcy. It was one of the biggest bankruptcies in Latin American history.

The Curitiba Branch of the Federal Police of Brazil began an Operation Car Wash-style criminal investigation in 2014. The task force’s initial goal was to expose criminal groups’ attempts at money laundering. It eventually fanned out to include bribery and corruption between Brazil’s state-owned oil company Petrobras, business executives and politicians. The scope of the inquiry into corruption was unprecedented in Brazilian history.

During the investigation, more than a thousand search and seizure warrants were issued. The task force ultimately estimated that as much as $13 billion in funds were being laundered.

Batista was declared a fugitive from justice because he was in New York City at the time of the raid. Eike was detained after arriving in Brazil from New York City.

On July 3, 2017, Batista was convicted of bribing the former governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Cabral, in order to obtain lucrative government contracts. It was discovered that Batista gave Cabral $16.6 million.

In the end, Eike Batista received a 30-year prison term.

One of the most shocking declines in the annals of wealth and billionaires can be found in Eike Batista’s narrative.

In the history of the world’s 10 richest people, only two have been arrested and jailed. Pablo Escobar, the cocaine lord, is the other billionaire.

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